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makeitapp Chianti Classico - Official App

Chianti Classico - Official App

The official app of the historic wine consortium, “Chianti Classico”

An essential tool for wine enthusiasts, the Chianti Classico app is a source of discovery for even the most seasoned tourists of the Tuscan wine region. Complete with illustrated catalogues and interactive maps, this app becomes your personal tour guide giving you access to on-the-spot exclusive content and information through IBeacon technology.

Key Features:
- Explore the interactive map containing the region’s greatest points of interest and use the navigator to find the best route to your favorite wineries
- Use the advanced search to hand-select and filter through the feature(s) most important to you
- Want to learn more about your favorite wines and vineyards? Integrated iBeacon technology allows the user to tap into exclusive content and information all based on the customer’s location
- Receive push notifications of vouchers and product insights based on the users position
- Consult the list of companies with all information concerning the placement and related productions
- Stay informed on the events and promotional initiatives of Chianti Classico world
- Delve into the illustrated catalog featuring all types of wine and access exclusive bonus content
- Share your discoveries via social media

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