The Power of a Mobile Loyalty Program

Simple and effective: the new way to build loyalty

Make collecting points easy!

No more cards lost or forgotten, it’s all in one mobile app.

Everything is up to you: choose when to reward your customers, do it manually or let the system work for you.

Boost your sales: assign points after a purchase.

Increase brand awareness: reward who shares app content.

Engage customers: give more benefits to top app users, compensate clients when log in to the app for the first time that day or when they redeem a coupon downloaded from the app.

(*)Possible integration with existing loyalty systems and cash registers.

The power of Proximity Marketing

Use beacon technology to strengthen your Loyalty Strategy

Surprise your customers: compensate them as they walk-in.

Offer a fun experience: assign points through gamification.

Innovate your communication: reward who opens digital content.

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Gather data and watch your business soar

Obtain loyal customer profiles: a quick registration generates the loyalty card.

Analyse behavior trends: get to know your clients studying their purchases.

Keep improving your strategy: use data as a turnkey for your business.

A digital prize catalogue

Make it simple, go mobile!

Offer something different: customers can browse and keep track of the points in their account.

Don’t let them think: even the laziest customer will redeem his prizes.

Behind the Scenes

Save time and money: work independently, easily update your prizes in few seconds.

Make life easy: clearly state the availability and points needed to claim rewards.

Manage efficiently: all requested prizes are listed and monitored automatically.

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