Give a voice to your customers!

Check out this new feature that allows your customers to leave comments directly in your app! The app users can interact amongst themselves and with you, posting feelings, evaluations, questions and opinions. Turn your app into an engaging experience.

Build a community and your app will grow

Create a community within your app and your users will become your promoters. View comments and reviews on your products, events, services and stores. Word-of-mouth is the best ad: consumers trust their friends so what more could you ask for?

Improve your business: Customer reviews are the answer

  • Allow users to comment app content resulting in engagement and loyalty from the community
  • Users can share their location when they comment
  • Other users can respond to other comments and start discussions by sharing opinions
  • Interact with your customers from the control panel: give further details or suggestions

Snap it and Share it!

  • Make your comments stand out by attaching photos uploaded live
  • Take a photo and upload it directly from the app o send one already saved in your photo album

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