Our Voucher System

Designed to be simple and flexible, our mobile vouchers are combined with QR Code technology to adapt to your individual business strategy.

QR Code Technology and User Interaction

Unique QR codes, generated through our control panel, act as trusted voucher receipts for simple and easy transactions.

All transactions are safe and secure with either a certified credit card or Paypal account.
Once the payment is complete, users can view the in-app receipt folder which keeps track of all vouchers both past and present.

Sending gifts and vouchers

Expand your customer base through organic word-of-mouth with users attracting their friends to your brand.

A flexible system allows your user to create personalized messages and conveniently send vouchers via e-mail.

Content Management & Backend Control

Create, update, and track vouchers all from one, easy-to-use control panel.

View lists of voucher transactions and data including information on individual users, time and date of purchase, and aggregate purchase statistics.

Design successful marketing strategies based on your customer’s preferences and voucher usage statistics.

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Manage usage and transactions

Set the number of vouchers obtainable by each user and determine the period of availability.


Limit the number of vouchers each user can purchase.


Create exclusive offers available within a certain time frame.


Employ promotions and gamification providing temporary limited vouchers.

Voucher and Proximity Marketing

Thanks to the Proximity Marketing technology implemented by Makeitapp you can choose your vouchers to be available only nearby a specific geographic location.

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Corresponding Merchant App

Provide clients with a QR code scanning app in which merchants can scan all vouchers straight from their very own mobile device.

No need to download or figure out complicated software programs. All content is managed with our user-friendly control panel.
A simplified process guarantees a quick and easy checkout every time.

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