The new way to distribute vouchers

Go digital! Offer deals and special discounts that can be purchased directly from your mobile app.

Features Workflow
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Stand out features

Flexibility and Convenience! Advertise vouchers with promotions, tickets for events or sell products. Give your customers the chance to buy everything they want, anywhere, anytime.


Reach your full potential

Be ambitious, unleash your imagination and choose from the various settings to take advantage of the features vouchers can offer.

Free Voucher
Free Voucher at first purchase
Gift Voucher
Limit to the total number of vouchers that can be purchased by each user
Limit the number of vouchers that can be purchased in a time interval or by a certain date
Can be purchased only if close to a specific area

Keep everything under control

Manage your vouchers as you please: create them and update them through the control panel.
View the list of transactions carried out by the customers.
The number of vouchers redeemed and amount earned is always available to monitor.

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