The Control Panel

All-in-one! A simple platform that manages your app content, website and Facebook account

Ready-to-go Management System

Anywhere, anytime: all you need is a device connected to the internet.

Features Appman - Dashboard

Manage all your content

Features Appman - Manage all your content

Simple, intuitive and time saving! Add and modify content without any worries, the system will format it automatically according to the required output (mobile, web and Social), it will resize and crop images, and check that all fields are correct.

Push notifications take over

Say goodbye to the traditional sms! Surprise your clients daily with interactive messages: fast, effective and free.

Features Appman - Push notifications take over

Control user profiles

Features Appman - Control user profiles

Monitor your app users! Discover who has registered and assign user rights through the control panel.

Customer analytics at your fingertips

The new way to gather data! Follow customer behaviour patterns, adjust your strategy and watch your business soar.

Features Appman - Customer analytics at your fingertips

Sell via mobile

Always be in your customer’s pocket with our m-commerce solution! Use the control panel to add products and their characteristics.

Features Appman - Sell via mobile

Keep track of customer purchases

Features Appman - Keep track of customer purchases

Transaction history is available by logging in to the control panel: consult payments and orders rapidly.

Manage your bookings

Revolutionize your agenda! Receive client requests such as appointments directly from the app and employees can manage them from the control panel.

Features Appman - Manage your bookings

GPS integration

Make it easy for customers to find you! Correlate app content to a geographic location by entering the address from the backend.

Features Appman - GPS integration

Post it on Facebook

Save time! Create the content once and with the click of a button it will appear on your app, website and Facebook page.

Features Appman - Post it on Facebook