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makeitapp Popai


The official app of the “Global Association for Marketing at Retail” in Italy: Popai Italia

Designed to keep partners informed on all news, events, and products within the retail world, the Popai app is the key reference point for this international club of more than 1,400 members. QR codes printed in the Popai book coupled with our QR scanner technology links traditional communication to a new digital strategy.

Key Features:
- Take advantage of QR scanner technology in the annual POPAI book to participate in interactive content and gain access to updated and detailed information
- Use push notifications to receive real-time information straight to your device
- Add events straight to your calendar
- Save news articles and product information into your favorites folder
- Share information with your network via social media
- Receive directions to events through the map feature
- Contact fellow sponsors and partners through the comprehensive list of active members