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makeitapp StreetEat - Food truck finder

StreetEat - Food truck finder

Street Eat is the first European food truck aggregator!

The concept is simple: food trucks log their position on our accompanying merchant app which, in turn, instantly appears on the customers daily available food options. Users then choose their menu (or their favorite truck) and our geolocation service will find the truck nearest to you. For the food truck owners, using the street eat check-in app, you will be able to locate your truck and confirm that it is open allowing users to see you active on the street eat app. Key Features: - Explore food truck profiles including menus, reviews, comments, and photos from other users - Locate the distance and route to your favorite food truck by using our geolocation service - Discover new trucks by filtering options by distance and/or by food typology - Connect with the community through social media and WhatsApp - Save your favorite option to keep up with their daily activities *Now available in Italy, France, and England